Possum Room

Room Philosophy

Welcome to the Possum Room!

The Possum Room is a fabulous new addition to the Range. The room is bright and airy with plenty of room for the children to move about exploring a variety of natural and created experiences. One of the most attractive features in our room is the wonderful round window.

In the Possum Room we aim to provide an atmosphere that is warm and friendly, where the children are happy and relaxed. We use the National Quality Framework to plan experiences based on each child’s interest, abilities and stage of development. Through these experiences the children will gain knowledge, confidence and self esteem which is vital in these early years.

The room caters for 15 children.


Qualified Team Educator is: Kimberly (Diploma in Children’s Services)

Qualified Educator: Polly (Cert 3 in children's Services)

Qualified Educator: Dolly (Cert 3 in children's Services)

Qualified Educator: Lena (Diploma in children’s Services)

Qualified Educator: Laila (Cert 3 in children's Services)

Room Reflections