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Imerge Photography

Weeks beginning October 8th & 15th

Great opportunity for parents to have

quality photos of their children.

1. Imerge Photography takes photos at the childcare centre

2. Parents receive proof sheet and order form after photo week

3. Two weeks to fill in order form, for free delivery of orders to the centre

4. Also options to place orders online. See info sheet for more detail

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We hope you will find the event calendars useful - there's one for all events, and one each for long day care, 3 year old and 4 year old kinder.

Add them to your smart phone to get reminders for events happening for your child at The Range. Just view the site on your phone then click the + button at the bottom of any calendar.

Room Reflections

Catch up on your child's activities by browsing our downloadable room reflections for each kinder group and childcare room.

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