Service Philosophy

Our philosophy is created in collaboration with staff, families and children. We feel it is a true statement of the heart of our service. The Philosophy is reviewed every 2 years, however we welcome feedback at any time.

Below is our current service Philosophy.

At The Range Children’s Centre, we aim to provide an environment that is an extension of the child’s home where they feel safe, welcome, respected and valued.

We build respectful partnerships with families to implement learning opportunities that foster the children’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing. By providing a warm and positive environment, we aim for the children and families to have a sense of belonging to the service and the wider community.

We value the importance of play-based learning and offer a wide range of experiences based on each child’s interests, ability and age and stage of development. Literacy, numeracy, physical activity and an appreciation of the arts are integrated into our curriculum on a daily basis.

We believe that children develop their learning through having choice, therefore we regularly implement an indoor /outdoor curriculum to enable the children to move freely from one environment to another and to provide opportunities for siblings to play together.

Our service is inclusive of all cultures and respects and embraces Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islanders.

Sustainable practices and respect for the environment and resources are embedded in our service. This is integrated into the curriculum and reflected daily through educator role modelling and engaging in discussions with children. Providing children and families with a sense of ownership and responsibility for the resources and environment encourages our community to protect and value what we have.

We believe that every educator at The Range Children’s Centre plays an important role in each child’s sense of belonging through positive and supportive interactions, modelling appropriate respectful behaviour and displaying genuine interest and concern for each and every child and their family.

Developing caring and mutually respectful relationships with the children and families is important to us. This is achieved through open communication and by educators taking the time to share aspects of each child’s day with the families.

Listening to children’s voices and responding to them positively builds each child’s sense of belonging. Including their thoughts and ideas in decision making within the rooms plays an important role in developing the educational curriculum and our service philosophy.

We believe supporting the children’s holistic development will continue to build their confidence, their self-esteem and assist them in showing respect for each other. This will lay the foundation for resilient independent young people who are well equipped to participate in life.

What do you think about our philosophy? Please provide feedback about the strengths identified and what we can change. Thank you.