Our Centre

Management Team

Janice Semple, Director

Janice is passionate about teaching children lifelong learning skills for them to carry forward into the next journey of education.

Janice holds a Diploma in children’s Services, Level 2 First Aid, CPR & Anaphylaxis Training and equivalent Cert 3 in Leadership and Management. Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services.

Nellie Shone, Assistant Director

Nellie has been employed at The Range Children’s Centre for the past 13 years. She was employed as an aid for children with additional needs in 2005. Soon after trained as a room leader and joined the management team as Assistant Director in 2010. Before coming to Australia Nellie had spent 12 years in the Early Childhood industry in New Zealand.

Nellie has a passion for children and their cultures. While in New Zealand Nellie spent 3 years as the cultural support person for the Hawke’s Bay region, encompassing 12 early childhood centres.

Nellie holds a Diploma in Children’s Services, Level 2 First Aid, CPR & Anaphylaxis Training, Level 2 Food Handlers, Certificate IV Training and Assessing and Advanced Diploma in Children’s Services.

Our Mission, Philosophy & Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality long-daycare and kindergarten services to Hobson’s Bay children and their families.

Our Philosophy

At The Range Children’s Centre we aim to provide an environment that is an extension of the child’s home where they feel safe, welcome, respected and valued. We aim to work closely with all families to provide the best possible environment for their child’s social, emotional, physical and intellectual wellbeing. By providing this type of environment we aim for the children and families to have a sense of belonging to the centre and the wider community.

We value the importance of play based learning and offer a wide range of experiences based on each child’s interests, ability and age and stage of development. Literacy, numeracy and an appreciation of the arts are integrated into the program on a daily basis.

We believe that children maximise their learning through having choice, therefore we regularly implement an indoor /outdoor program to enable the children to move freely from one environment to another and to provide opportunities for siblings to play together.

Our centre is inclusive of all cultures and respects and embraces Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders.

Sustainable practices and respect for the environment are embedded in our centre; this is integrated into the program and reflected daily through staff role modelling and discussions with children .

We believe that every employee at The Range plays an important role in each child’s sense of belonging through positive and supportive interactions, modelling appropriate respectful behaviour and displaying genuine interest and concern for each and every child and their family.

Developing caring and mutually respectful relationships with the children in our centre and their families is important to us and this is achieved through open communication and by educators taking the time to share aspects of each child's day with families.

Listening to children's voices and responding to them positively builds each child's sense of belonging. Including their thoughts and ideas in decision making within the rooms plays a major role in developing the educational program and our centre philosophy.

We believe through providing a service that has a holistic approach to each child we will continue to build their confidence, their self-esteem and assist them in building respect for each other which will lay the foundation for resilient independent young people, well equipped to participate in life.

Links to the National Quality Standards: Quality Area 7: Leadership and Service Management

As of August 2018

Our Vision

Through forming strong partnerships with families and their children and by maintaining open communication we embrace a holistic learning environment that will assist children to become confident and resilient with respect for themselves, the wider community and the environment.

Our History & Constitution

The Range Children’s Centre is a community run child care centre and kindergarten, in the inner Western Suburbs of Victoria, Australia.

The Range offers educational programs, in a nurturing, respectful environment. Children from as young as 6 weeks of age are cared for at The Range Children’s Centre, through to children up to school age. Families are also able to participate in sessional kindergarten programs, for both 3 & 4 year olds.

The Range Children’s Centre has been operating since September 1996. Currently there are 220 families utilizing the service. The Range has a reputation for delivering high quality service to families, with over 200 families on our waitlist needing care in the future. The service has had outstanding results through the National Qualtiy Framework service along with a long and favorable history with the Department Of Human Services.

The Centre is managed by a group of volunteer parents and community members who determine policies, procedures and best practice. This is in consultation with staff and outside resources. All voting members of the Committee of Management work on a volunteer basis. Some members spend up to 30 hours a week, working through projects and being strong advocates for early childhood education.

The families that utilise the service are diverse in culture, values, beliefs and socio-economic background. All are made welcome and are encouraged to actively partake in the daily program with their children. Often families are asked to voice their opinion and offer opportunities for evaluating the program effectiveness. There are also opportunities for families to participate in information programs, such as ‘Behaviour & Guidance Techniques’, ‘First Aid, in the home’ etc.

The Range Children’s Centre has remained financially viable since its opening and is financially audited each year.

The Range is a not-for-profit organisation which welcomes support from outside resources. Any support would be advertised throughout the centre on posters and in newsletters.

Our Constitution

TRCC Constitution 2012

Committee of Management

Meeting Dates for 2018

  • 20th February 2018
  • 21st March 2017
  • 17th April 2018
  • 15th May 2018
  • 19th June 2018
  • 17th July 2018
  • 21st August 2018
  • 18th September 2018
  • 16th October 2018
  • Annual General Meeting 23rd October 2018