Koala Room

Room Philosophy

As educators in the Koala Room we will provide a programme that nurtures the child in a holistic approach, body mind and soul. With an environment that is secure, caring and loving. Treating each child with respect and equality. The Emergent Curriculum (The Victorian Framework) will be based on regular observations of the individual child and of the group.

Providing learning areas that are based on the child’s interest and information that is passed on from families. Creating a partnership with families to produce the best outcome for the child. Respecting all cultural and linguistic diversity.

We encompass all areas of the child’s learning abilities, focusing on the child’s emotional and self help skills, building strong foundations so they have the ability to adapt to different situations.


Qualified Team Room Educator: Sally ( Diploma of Children’s Services)

Qualified Educator: Barb (Diploma of Children’s Services)

Qualified Educator: Sam (Diploma of Children’s Services)

Qualified Educator: Mel (Diploma of Children’s Services)

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