Long Day Care


At The Range, long daycare children are provided with the following items and services:

  • breakfast before 8am (cereal)
  • morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack around 5.30pm
  • milk, water & Fresh Fruit
  • sunscreen
  • nappy cream and wipes
  • first aid (eg. band aids)

We do not provide:

  • nappies
  • hats

For full details on what your child should bring each day, please consult the PARENT HANDBOOK.

Session Times and Fees

The centre is open 7.00 am to 6.00 pm Monday to Friday.

We are closed on all Victorian public holidays. See list below.


2019 Daily fee per child is $112

Information about Child Care Subsidy is available on the Our Program page.


The Range operates 5 rooms for long day care. From youngest to oldest, rooms are named as follows. Each room has its own philosophy and reflections are provided regularly.

Extra Activities

Hey Dee Ho

The centre offers a “hey dee ho” session weekly. “Hey dee ho” is a music and movement program for children aged 0-3 and 3-5. The program is presented to maximise the learning process and incorporates strategies to address many basic components of childhood development. The children are also introduced to basic sign language. This can help enhance comprehension and communication skills.


The Range Children’s Centre offers occasional incursion activities which operate in the rooms for short periods from time to time at no cost to the parents. The following is a list of incursions booked for 2018:

  • Animals on the move
  • Tooth Fairy
  • Rabbit Program
  • Pet Education
  • Traffic School
  • Dinosaurs & Fossils
  • Wild Action
  • The Great Recycling Adventure
  • Library
  • Dream Puppets
  • Kinder Dreaming
  • Little Fox Play Shop

Child Care Events

Holiday Closures

The Range is closed on Victorian public holidays.

Events Calendar

You can subscribe to the calendar below by clicking the + GoogleCalendar icon at the bottom right of the calendar.

Do this from your phone to get reminders of events.


Summer Menu

Summer menu 2019.docx

Winter Menu

Winter Menu 2018.docx


Remember Catherine cooks for a large amount of children so reduce ingredients to suit your family size.

NB. Vegetarian Lasagne document also contains recipes for Apricot Chicken Rice and Savoury Scones.