3 Year Old Kinder

3 Year Old Program

3 year old Kindergarten is all about children becoming a part of a wider social network, and all that that entails. Not only is kinder a chance for children to make valuable friendships, it also provides parents and families with an opportunity to meet other local families with similar aged children.We believe that children should feel valued as members of their kinder group, and also understand their place in the wider community.

Via play based activities and shared group times, we discuss age appropriate issues such as turn taking, sharing, listening and respecting others and themselves, group dynamics, and self worth. Dramatic play and pretend play form a large part of the program, allowing children the opportunity to act out scenarios that are meaningful in their life, in the security and warmth of our kinder environment.

This year is also an introduction to lifelong skills and concepts, such as science and community, numeracy and literacy, & arts and crafts. For the most part these activities are child directed, and are provided in a way that allows children to explore these concepts in basic formats. As with any child and family focused program, the rate at which each child shows interest and therefore develops in these areas is very individual.

Our belief is that this precious 1st year of kinder is mainly concerned with fostering children’s social selves, whilst having fun and learning valuable skills along their journey.


Teachers: Jenny Royes, Bachelor of Early Childhood Education

Assistant: Jennifer McDonald Diploma of Children’s Services

Session Times and Fees

3 Year Old Kinder 2019

Orange Group

Monday – 9.30am-4.oo pm

2019 fees for 3 year old kinder are $500 per term.

Term One

Jan 29th -Apr 5th

Term Two

April 23rd -June 28th

Term Three

July 15th -Sept 20th

Term Four

Oct 7th -Dec 20th

3 Year Old Kinder Events

Holiday Closures

The Range Children's Centre is closed on Victorian public holidays.

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