3 Year Old Kinder Enrolment

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The Range Children’s Centre Kindergarten operates one self-funded three-year-old kindergarten groups. 


  • The total number of children in each group shall not exceed 22 
  • Acceptance is strictly limited to children who turn three years of age by 30th April in the year of attendance. No child whose third birthday is after the 30th April of the year of attendance will be accepted for enrolment. 


Positions will be offered in accordance with the following criteria: 

  1. Places shall be offered on a one-session attendance basis to children in date of birth order on the waiting list until the number of accepted places matches group sizes of 22 children per group. 
  2. Any child deemed by the kindergarten teacher to require a second year in the three-year-old group will be given priority of placement. 
  3. Any child who currently attends, or is enrolled to attend the long day care program will be given priority for placement. 
  4. All placements will be made strictly in accordance with this criterion. The Committee of Management will resolve any issue that arise in relation to the application of this criterion. Decisions made by the Committee of Management are final. 


  • First round offers will be made in term 3 in the year prior to commencement. First term fees will be payable on acceptance of a position. 
  • Should a ‘Confirmation of Acceptance’ form not be returned to The Range Children’s Centre by the due date, it will be presumed that a place is no longer required. 
  • Second round offers will then be made for remaining places to those remaining on the waiting list in accordance with the above eligibility/enrolment criteria. 


  • If a child is absent for an extended period, his/her place will not be held unless the kindergarten teacher has a formal written request and the prescribed term fee is paid. 
  • The kindergarten will be closed on all gazetted public and school holidays. 


  • All three year old kindergarten fees must be paid PRIOR to the commencement of each term. 
  • If a place is deemed held open for a child commencing later in the year, full fees for each term prior to the child’s commencement will remain applicable and shall represent a placement holding fee. 
  • Children who turn three after the commencement of term one and before 30th April, will still be required to pay the first instalment fees in full which shall represent a placement holding fee. 


Children who have attended a three-year-old group at The Range Kindergarten will not receive priority to attend a four year old kindergarten group. 

Hobsons Bay City Council solely determines placement of four-year-old kindergarten within the municipality. Applications for four year old kindergarten must be made through Hobsons Bay City Council. 


All children who have accepted and paid first term fees for the following year of three year old kindergarten will be given second priority of access on the child care wait list. Siblings of children already attending child care will be given first priority. 

Any queries regarding enrolments and procedures for three year old kindergarten should be addressed in writing to: 

The Range Children’s Centre 
87 Kororoit Creek Road